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Balance Fitness with Sammi

Personal training and online coaching

Hi, I'm Sammi! As a personal trainer, I have a passion for empowering women to take charge of their health and fitness. One way I do this is by teaching them the benefits of lifting weights. Many women shy away from weightlifting due to misconceptions that it will make them look bulky or too muscular. However, lifting weights can actually help them tone and sculpt their bodies while also improving their overall health. Through proper form and technique, I train and guide my clients to effectively lift weights and build strength. By helping women feel confident and capable in the weight room, I empower them to take control of their fitness journey and achieve their goals!

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Running Couple


Sammi has been training me for 2 weeks now, she is helping me get ready for my wedding in August by motivating me and keeping in contact via text messages helping me to stay on track..i have had great results losing 3lb 2oz and if I've needed advice on diet and nutrition Sammi is always happy to help.



Sammi has helped myself and eddy for 1 month with our fitness training. Sammi is very patient, professional and committed to her job. She obviously is very passionate which shows in every step from start to finish, process each session. 
Anyone looking to start training, either if your a beginner, intermediate or higher level, Sammi’s knowledge will help gain your goals! 
Highly recommended. Thank you so much Sammi. 



I’ve been working with Sammi for a month & am so happy with the plans she’s set & the results I’m getting. She really understands my goals & helps break down barriers. Always there if I need help!


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